Bus Terminal Tokyo Yaesu



About services and facilities

Q: Tell me the service hours.

A: The service hours of Bus Terminal Tokyo Yaesu are from 5:00 to 24:35(last bus departure).
* Ticketing windows are open from 6:20 to 20:00

Q: Are there stores?

A: There is a convenience store on basement level 2 of the terminal. (service hours: 5:00–24:35)

About reservation

Q: Can I reserve a seat on an express bus?

A: The terminal does not handle reservations.
Please go to the bus company.

When boarding a bus

Q: Can I carry a large item or pet onto a bus?

A: Each bus company has its regulations.
Large items, especially bicycles, large musical instruments, snowboards, and surfboards, may or may not be accepted depending on the bus company. Please inquire about the bus company in advance.
Q: Does the terminal lend baggage carts?

A: The terminal does not lend baggage carts.
Please manage and carry your baggage yourself in the terminal.
Q: Is there a baggage room for temporary storage?

A: Please use baggage lockers in the terminal. Service windows do not keep passengers’ baggage.
Q: Tell me how to board a bus.

A: Please read “How to board.” There are different ways of boarding a bus depending on the type of bus.
Q: When passengers can board the bus before departure?

A: A boarding announcement is made 10 minutes before departure.
Buses depart on time even if all passengers are not on board. Please board your bus in advance of time.

About lost property

Q: Tell me where to inquire about lost property.

A: You should be inquired at different windows depending on where you lost your property as described below.
(1) When you left your property in a bus

Goods left in buses are kept by bus companies.
Please inquire about the bus company that you used.

(2) When you lose your property in the terminal
When you lose your property in the terminal, please contact a nearby staff person, a ticketing window, or the information counter.
(Service hours: 10:00–18:00)
* Please note that inquiries not related to the lost property are not accepted.

[Inquiring about lost property]
Please be ready to provide the following details before inquiring so that we can respond quickly.

1. Date and time (month, day, and hour)
2. Location (example: waiting for a lounge in front of ticketing windows on basement level 1, men’s toilet booth on basement level 2)
3. Tangible features of the lost property (example: black-and-white striped folding umbrella of so-and-so brand, long rectangle black wallet with driver’s license in it)
4. Date and time when you can visit the office to retrieve the property (month, day, am/pm)

* Please be quick in inquiring about your lost property and retrieving it. Lost properties will be transferred to the police after a storage period (one week).


Q: Tell me how to retrieve lost property.

A: Please visit a ticketing window on basement level 1 of the terminal or the information counter (service hours: 10:00–20:00).
Bring a document that validates your identity (driver’s license, health insurance card, etc.).

About inquiry

Q: Tell me where to inquire.

A: Fill out the inquiry form, and send it.