Bus Terminal Tokyo Yaesu


How to board

  • Buses will depart even if all passengers are not on board. Please board your bus in advance of time.
  • Passengers who have tickets (paper or web) need not to visit a ticketing window. Go directly to the bus stop.
  • Regulations on accepted baggage types vary depending on bus companies. If you have a large item (snow board, bicycle, large musical instrument, etc.), check with the bus company in advance.

* Routes with seat reservation (long routes such as those serviced at night)

Check your ticket on hand

There are many express bus terminals around Tokyo Station. Please reconfirm that your ticket is valid for a service provided by this terminal.

Find your bus stop on a departure information board

Find your bus stop on a departure information board.
Especially, there are many night services in the same destination. Please be sure that the name and number of the service that you are going to take coincide with those on your ticket.
* Bus stops may be changed on the day from those indicated on tickets.
* Departure information boards are on basement levels 1 and 2.

Wait for your bus near the bus stop

The monitor at each bus stop displays the next four bus services.
Check the destination, service name, service number, and bus number, and go to the bus stop area 10 minutes before departure.
You do not have to stand in line because seats are reserved.
* Find your bus stop on the floor map.

Board the bus

When a bus arrives, the arrival is announced, and the automatic door is unlocked so you can get on the bus.