Bus Terminal Tokyo Yaesu


Facilities guide

Waiting lounge (basement levels 1 and 2)

You can use the waiting lounge while waiting for a bus.
Service hours: 5:00–24:35

Ticketing windows and information counter

Ticketing windows

Tickets are sold and guidance is provided.
Service hours: 6:20–20:00

(Available until 22:00 only on OWL LINER (Osaka direction))

Tickets for the following routes are sold:
* Credit cards are acceptable.

■ Tokyo – Kimitsu
■ To Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu
■ Tokyo – Kisarazu
■ Tokyo – Kamogawa
■ Tokyo – Katsuura
■ Tokyo – Choshi
■ Tokyo – Togane – Naruto


If you have a question or problem, please go to the information counter.

Ticket dispenser

Tickets for some routes are also available.
Service hours: 5:00–22:00

Body Therapy

KA・RA・DA factory

A total body-care salon that satisfies visitors with a fundamental improvement of physical problems and thorough treatment.
Service hours: 10:00~21:00

Baggage lockers

Available at the waiting lounge on basement level 1.

<<Size, quantity, and charge>>

<Large>  11 pieces, 100 yen/30 min.

 (Maximum charge: *800 yen per 12 hours)

<Medium>  11 pieces, 100 yen/40 min.

 (Maximum charge: *600 yen per 12 hours) 

<Small>  12 pieces, 100 yen/60 min.

 (Maximum charge: *500 yen per 12 hours) 

*Rates are subject to change without notice.

<<Approximate size (W x H x D (mm))>>

<Large>  352 x 872 x 678

<Medium>  352 x 516 x 678

<Small size>  352×325×678

*Only one of the small size, 352 x 331 x 678, is located at the bottom of the operation panel.

Beverage vending machines

Several vending machines are available in the terminal.

Multi-functional toilets

Functional toilets are available on basement level 2.

Nursing room

A nursing room is available on basement level 2.

Writing goods for communication

Writing goods are available to help communication at ticketing windows and information counter.